The Retail Hemp Industry

The retail hemp industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in North America today. If you own a hemp or CBD company, there is a huge potential for earnings with hemp cigarettes right now because there is a great demand for these hemp products, but very, very few hemp retailers are offering them. Why not add a new product line to your business that can help you earn thousands – even tens of thousands – of dollars a year in additional revenue!?

Spectra Labs is a wholesale bulk hemp flower supplier. We supply businesses like yours, presumably, with the raw materials that they need to create their own hemp cigarette products. We have low minimum orders, and no amount of hemp flower is too much for us to deliver. Spectra Labs proudly works with both retail hemp startups and established businesses. Please, contact us today to learn more. Our hemp is high-quality, premium, and legal.

As you may or may not know, hemp flower, unlike cannabis flower, is legal in all 50 states because hemp flower contains zero THC. Therefore, it can be possessed, sold, and delivered via the United States Postal Service legally. Further, there is no limit to the amount of weight that you can possess with hemp.

Hemp Cigarettes

Should You Sell Hempettes (Hemp Cigarettes)?

There’s nothing fancy about hempettes on the surface. They’re just regular-looking kingsize cigarettes that are packed with hemp flower containing CBD and numerous terpenes. Usually, hempettes are rolled with a rolling machine, using a rolling paper that is made out of either hemp or flax. Typically, a pack of hempettes will start at around $8.99-$13.99, and the cost to make a carton is about $20 – $30 if you purchase your materials in bulk. That means that on a single carton of hempettes, you can enjoy a profit of somewhere around $100, give or take $20.

Hempettes are very popular these days, and they’re popularity is still growing, as many people are just learning about hempettes for the first time. The cannabis boom of recent years has brought about unrivaled innovation in product creation, so a lot of people are playing catch up. Hempettes are basically hemp cigarettes. They look like cigarettes, and they are packaged like cigarettes. Hempettes come in packs of twenty singles, and they are available in hard-pack or soft-pack. Each carton of hempettes contains ten packs, just like regular cigarettes.

Spectra Labs provides the wholesale hemp flower that you need to create hemp cigarettes for your customers. As you develop your brand and your product line, it’s good to know that you have a partner who can keep you supplied with as much hemp flower as you need at all times. After all, having a reliable supplier is 2/3 of the battle! Whether you need one pound or 100 pounds of hemp flower, Spectra Labs has you covered.

Spectra Labs Sells Bulk Hemp Flower for Pre-Rolls

What’s the difference between hempettes and hemp pre-rolls? Aren’t they both just cigarettes with hemp inside them? Yes and no. Hemp pre-rolls are different than hemp cigarettes. Unlike the hempettes, hemp pre-rolls are more rustic in appearance and have the traditional cone shape associated with pre-rolled joints that you can buy at a cannabis dispensary. Hemp pre-rolls are also much longer and fatter than hempettes, which again, hempettes are skinny, just like real cigarettes.

Many hemp flower smokers enjoy the experience of smoking pre-rolls versus smoking hemp cigarettes. The reasons for this vary, but it is undeniable that there are hemp pre-roll lovers who won’t touch a hempette. For example, many hemp flower smokers are anti-cigarette, and they deplore purchasing, holding, or smoking anything that resembles a cigarette. Other hemp flower smokers love the resin ring that forms around the tip of the cone pre-roll while they are smoking it. Indeed, the differences between hemp pre-rolls and hempettes might seem trivial or minor, but you should definitely add some pre-rolls to your retail hemp products menu.

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Purchase Raw Pre-Grinded Hemp Flower in Bulk

All of Spectra Lab’s pre-grinded material is well-handled from plant to package. For example, all of our hemp flower is ground in a clean and pristine environment. Spectra Labs owns more than a dozen farms in Oregon, Kentucky, and Colorado. We have hundreds upon hundreds of acres of wild hemp in our farms. Further, Spectra Labs employs the best cultivators to grow and harvest our hemp flower, ensuring that the best practices are utilized at every phase of the flower’s life. This way, you can assure your customers that they are receiving 100% organic, pesticide-free, THC-free, and nicotine-free hemp flower.

Further, our cultivators handle all of the hemp flower with cotton gloves and other protective gear to ensure that no contamination takes place at any point during the process of growing, harvesting, curing, drying, and packaging the flower. We want your customers to love your products, and they will because Spectra Labs’s hemp flower is not only clean and pristine, but it also tastes great and smokes burns evenly!

Pre-grinded hemp material from Spectra Labs is all flower. There is no trim, no seeds, and no stalks! A lot of our clients prefer to buy hemp flower from Spectra Labs pre-grinded because it takes a lot of the hard work out of the equation for them. Let’s say you purchase just a pound of hemp flower for your branded pre-rolls and hempettes. Well, if you purchase the flower in the form of bud, you will have to break it up or grind it yourself, which can take hours for that much flower! We do all of the hard work for you, so that you, or whoever you outsource these tasks to, can receive the flower and start rolling it up.

How Do I Market Hemp Flower or Hemp Cigarettes?

A lot of people frown upon the idea of smoking hemp flower because there are a lot of misconceptions about it. For example, people often associate hemp with industrial hemp, which is used to create clothing, rope, and all sorts of other products. The fact is; wild hemp and industrial hemp are not the same. The hemp that we farm at Spectra Labs is special. The flower is beautiful, and you can choose between pre-grinded hemp flower or nugs. You are sure to be pleased with our big, colorful buds that can be as big as your hand or bigger!

Everyone knows that cannabis strains have been selectively bred over the centuries to produce the characteristics and effects that they desire. Well, hemp is similar. Over the years, the best strains of hemp have been crossed to create beautiful nugs that smoke well and have a lot of flavor and aroma.

Hemp flower is one of those products that, if more people were educated about it, they would love it! Hemp flower can be smoked for both recreational and medicinal purposes. The taste, the aroma, the flavor; it’s all provides for an excellent smoking experience! Recreational smokers enjoy smoking hemp flower in-between cannabis sessions because it can help to make their cannabis bud last longer. Further, premium hemp flower can be mixed with cannabis flower to enhance the buzz and to make cannabis flower last longer. Smokers who mix cannabis and premium wild hemp flower will get high and get a heavy dose of medicinal CBD at the same time. Medicinal hemp flower smokers love the fast delivery that only smoking can provide.

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Indeed, one of the biggest benefits that hemp flower smokers enjoy is that of instant CBD and terpene delivery into the body. The only means of getting a substance into your bloodstream faster than by smoking it is intravenous delivery, and we do not recommend that with hemp flower! Eating CBD, dropping oil on your tongue, and drinking beverages that are infused with CBD can provide delivery to all kinds of symptoms, but it usually takes up to an hour for the CBD and the terpenes to kick in when you consume it like this. Smoking provides instant delivery. That’s because smoke enters the lungs when you inhale and goes directly into the bloodstream, where it is then carried throughout your body so that it can attach to cannabinoid receptors.

Who Will Buy Hemp Cigarettes?

Spectra Labs hemp flower is ideal for marijuana users who want to switch to something that will still relax them but not get them high or make them susceptible to failing a urinalysis. Plus, Spectra Labs wild hemp flower will give you the taste and flavor that cannabis smokers crave, as our hemp flower is very earthy and octane. We’re dealing with premium hemp flower here!

Cigarette smokers who want to quit smoking constitute another group of people that you can target. While hemp flower does not contain the nicotine that cigarette smokers are addicted to, hemp flower does provide a nice, heavy smoke cloud that fills the lungs but isn’t harsh. For cigarette smokers who are trying to quit smoking, hemp flower cigarettes are great in-between cigarettes to help wean you off of the tobacco a little bit at a time. Used in conjunction with a stop smoking plan, hemp cigarettes can be very effective.

There is another group of people who can be marketed to as well – people who are just interested in finding out what smoking premium hemp flower is all about. There are a lot of people out there who, if you structure your message properly, will be happy to try your hemp flower cigarettes to see what all the hype is about.

What Can a Hemp Cigarette Smoker Expect?

Hemp flower from Spectra Labs will help to reduce or eliminate generalized pain, anxiety, and depression. Because there is CBD in the hemp cigarettes, you can expect all of the benefits that you would get if you were to consume CBD extract to be present. The smoke is smooth, and it tastes and smells pleasant, not like burnt earth! Premium hemp flower is loud, just like premium cannabis flower, but there is no THC.

If you are interested in adding hemp cigarettes to your retail hemp product line, start the conversation with Spectra Labs today. We’ll discuss your needs and put together a customized solution that helps you to reach your goals and accommodates your budget. We can work directly with you or your white label company. Spectra Labs has a strong reputation for doing what we say and delivering products on time every time! This way, both you and your customers can have confidence in your products.

Spectra Labs hemp flower comes in 5mg, 10mg, and 15mg strengths. Bulk pre-blend is available in each strength as well. Plus, with Spectra Labs, the more you purchase, the more you save!


Contact Spectra Labs

Our goal is to make sure that our clients can make their smokable hemp products easily and affordably. Spectra Labs is more than a bulk hemp flower supplier, although we are definitely that! Spectra Labs is like a business partner that has a vested interest in seeing you succeed. That is why Spectra Labs goes above and beyond the industry standard to help our clients with customized orders and educational materials. The truth is; Spectra Labs was once a small, waning startup, but now we operate a large, successful hemp farm business. Whether you own a new startup or a million-dollar business, we’ve walked in your shoes!

If you would like to get in on the huge earning potential of hemp cigarettes, let Spectra Labs supply you with all of the hemp flower that you will need. Feel free to place your order whenever you are ready, and don’t hesitate to ask to speak with a Spectra Labs representative if you have any questions or concerns in the meantime. We’re here to help. You may reach out by phone or by email and let us know what your hemp flower needs are. We’re ready to accommodate.