Exciting CBN Products

There are all sorts of exciting CBN products that, as a CBD business owner, you can manufacture for your customers. Creating your own CBN formulations will allow you to customize the products that you sell to meet the needs of your target market best. For example, by creating your own CBN-formulated products, you can specialize in CBN-based formulations that aid sleep-loss and insomnia. After all, one of the most extensively researched and documented benefits of CBN is that it helps people who suffer from sleep deprivation to get to sleep and stay asleep at night.

Nobody knows your customers better than you do, and who is better suited than you to create the perfect CBN products that can make a noticeable difference in your customers’ lives!? The good news is that, while the idea of formulating your own CBN products might seem like a difficult concept to grasp at first, doing so is not as hard as many would be inclined to think it is. With the right attitude, the proper knowledge, and the best tools, you can begin formulating revolutionary CBN products that will help to establish and grow your brand identity, and most importantly, to make a meaningful difference in the lives of your customers.

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Sadly, we live in a world that has more dreamers than doers. For those who would take action, now is the time to do so! Get in the CBN business while the business is still good. Many people would-be CBN product formulators if only this or if only that, but they will procrastinate until the market is saturated with CBN products, and then it’s too late for them to get a foot in the door. Don’t be like these people. Get your foot in the door now. Spectra Labs can supply you with the purest CBN in America, and we offer bulk orders and wholesale prices. Contact us today to speak with a representative, and tell them that you want to start formulating your own CBN products.

Should You Formulate Your Own CBN Products?

As a CBD business owner offering CBN to your customers, you probably would love to be able to introduce your own line of premium CBN products into the marketplace. CBN, like CBD, can be formulated into many different food products, pharmaceuticals, supplements, vape cartridges, oil tinctures, and more. Did you know that CBN-infused food items and cosmetics are two of the fastest-growing trends in the process industry today?

Of course, you can always white-label another company’s existing CBN products as your own, but there is nothing that can rival the satisfaction or the income generation that results from researching and creating your own products that will add original value to the marketplace. Sure, you can slap your label on someone else’s bottle and sell it. These types of companies are everywhere today. But they all have one thing in common – their products are mediocre at best! Why? Because most white label CBN companies are looking to make as much profit as they can. In order for these companies to make as much money as possible and still give their products to customers like you who can then make a profit by selling them to your customers, the cost of production has to remain super-low at every phase. This is usually achieved by using low-quality, cheap ingredients and poorly-obtained CBN extracts that may not give your customers what they are looking for.

On the other hand, by investing the necessary time, energy, and money into researching and formulating your own unique CBN products, you can change the world for the better – literally! There are a lot of people out there who can’t sleep at night, can’t go out into public due to anxiety, suffer from chronic depression, suffer from chronic pain, suffer from MS, and suffer from epilepsy. By investing in research and formulation, you might create the break-through product of a lifetime, as the potential benefits of CBN are seemingly limitless. Do you think that would be great for your name and your business? Just ask Charlotte’s Web CBD!

Spectra Labs would like to assist you in successfully tapping into the growing industry of CBN (no pun intended). We want you to know that the only thing stopping you is you. When you are ready to get started, contact Spectra Labs, we can keep you supplied with as much CBN distillate as you need. We have broad-spectrum CBN distillate and CBN isolated distillate for sale in bulk. No order is too big for us to fill!

Formulating CBN Products Requires a High-Speed, High-Shear Mixer

If you are serious about formulating your own CBN products, then it would pay to invest in a high-speed, high-shear mixer. There are many trusted brands available that you can purchase new or used, such as Silverson. These kinds of machines are perfect for research and development (R&D) and production in this new and emerging market of CBN. Industrial-strength high-shear mixers are perfect for a wide range of applications, such as dissolving, disintegrating, blending, emulsifying, and mixing. You need a mixer that is capable of mixing liquids that consist of widely different viscosities. This way, high-viscosity CBN oil will be blended in a mere fraction of the time that it would take to do so using a conventional mixer machine.

If you are new to the process of formulating CBN and or CBD products, you will soon learn that onie of your main challenges will be dispersing the oil into aqueous systems (beverages). This is the case because formulators have to minimize the droplet size in order to maximize the yield of CBN in the product. With a quality mixer, such as a Silverson, you can achieve this goal instantaneously! Further, this also applies to other items, such as flavoring essences, as these can be very difficult to disperse.

When it comes to formulating CBN emulsions, such as creams, balms, lotions, and other cosmetics, the high-shear action of a top-quality mixer, like a Silverson, will allow you to easily disperse the droplets, which leads to a consistent and stable emulsion. You will need a typical droplet size between 2-5 microns. Of course, finer emulsions can be as small as 0.5 microns, but this depends on the formulation. It is impossible to obtain emulsions of 0.5 microns without a top-tier industrial-mixer.

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Mixers are very convenient and essential for all CBN product formulations. Here at Spectra Labs, we supply entrepreneurs and businesses with bulk CBN – CBN-70 and CBN-90, to be exact. We work with everybody, from new startups to well-established brands. We want your business to succeed because your success is our success. That is why we put so much emphasis on helping our clients succeed with education, and having the right mixer is an investment that makes success possible! With a mixer, you’ll just need to change the workhead, and you can use the machine to perform many other operations. Trust us; get yourself a mixer if you are serious about product formulation with CBN or other hemp-derived cannabinoid compounds.

The applications of a mixer are seemingly unlimited. Your product possibilities are also just as unlimited. The key is education. You will need to learn how to disintegrate solids and incorporate powdered ingredients, such as stabilizers and other supplements. Your mixer will make it all possible!

Another reason that you should own a high-quality Silverson or similar mixer is the capability of scalability that mixers, such as Silverson mixers, provide. With such a mixer, you will be able to easily scale-up your business from the laboratory to full-scale production as your business sales and profits increase and more customers demand your products. The reason that we recommend a Silverson is that this brand manufactures mixers that possess exceptional quality, and they have been doing so for almost a century. Having a brand you know you can trust is priceless!

Whether you want to get started with your own line of CBN gummies, CBN snacks, CBN beverages, CBN baked goods, CBN creams, CBN shampoos, CBN lotions, CBN capsules, or many other types of CBN products, a good mixer is a tool that you need in your belt (figuratively speaking). A good mixer will provide you with the most versatile and efficient solution to your mixing requirements.

Spectra Labs is a CBN Bulk Supplier and a Formulation Partner

If you are an entrepreneur who is looking to formulate your own CBN products, Spectra Labs has the raw materials you need to get started. Formulating CBN or any other cannabinoid products is a bit of a science and an art form. Spectra Labs is your partner in science. We’ve got 70% and 90% CBN distillates for sale, available in wholesale or bulk order sizes. In order to manufacture the products that your customers want and can benefit from, you need a steady supplier of CBN who won’t run out and won’t be late. In the case of businesses that want to formulate their own original CBN-based products, you need a supplier who is like a partner in that they understand your goals and challenges. Spectra Labs is that partner!


How Much Does it Cost to Formulate My Own CBN Products?

CBN is the most difficult cannabinoid to extract from the hemp plant. The process of extracting CBN is made difficult by the fact that the process is very tedious and scientific. In order for CBN to reach levels that are sufficient for extraction, the hemp sample must go through a process of synthesis at just the right phase in the plant’s life, whereby the CBG in the plant will be converted into CBN. This requires the plant to be at the perfect stage of growth, and it takes a lot of hemp plant to get a little CBN extract! This is why CBN isn’t as cheap as CBD, which, compared to CBN, is very easy to extract in large volumes.

Receiving large amounts of CBN for R&D and production is the easy part. Buying a high-speed, high-shear mixer is a bit of an investment, and of course, research can be rather costly. Then, once you are ready for production, you need to purchase all of your ingredients, also in bulk. Additionally, you will need to invest in packaging, labeling, bottling, third-party testing, and there are other expenses to consider as well. To get started with formulating your own products, you can expect to invest no less than $5k-$10k. Some people can start a new product for less, but it’s usually because they already have the system to do so in place.

Place Your Order for Bulk CBN with Spectra Labs

CBN-70 and CBN-90 are our two featured CBN distillate products that are derived from hemp and contain none of the psychoactive ingredient THC. CBN has powerful anti-inflammatory and anticonvulsive properties that can bring meaningful relief to people who suffer from many diseases and conditions. Indeed, CBN can help with sleep, pain, anxiety, and other conditions as well.

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At Spectra Labs, each batch of CBN distillate is independently tested by a third-party testing firm, known as Desert Valley Testing, and they are located in Phoenix, AZ. We are capable and willing to provide full documentation, including licensing, so that you know Spectra Labs is a bulk CBN supplier that you can trust.

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Contact Spectra Labs if you would like more guidance or information on how to formulate your own CBN products. We’ve got the CBN distillate that you need by the bucket-full! Spectra Labs operates a large, 120-acre farm in Central Oregon, in addition to large farms in Kentucky and Colorado. We would love a chance to earn your business and show you why Spectra Labs is the #1 choice for CBN researchers and formulators. In fact, Spectra Labs is more than a supplier. Spectra Labs is a supplier and a partner, dedicated to seeing your business succeed. Contact Spectra Labs to learn more or to place your order.